3play Media Strengthens Its Engineering Team by Contributing to Open Source and Building Parallel Projects to the Compan

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3play Media Strengthens Its Engineering Team by Contributing to Open Source and Building Parallel Projects to the Compan

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At 3Play Media, we are passionate about collaborating and contributing to underserved communities. Through our mission to make audio and video accessible to everyone, we have incorporated this mindset into how and why we work. Since 2009, our company has grown exponentially and now has more than 50 employees. As part of this growth, we began to more clearly define processes that were previously just unwritten corporate rituals.

Almost three years ago, our developers advocated more time to experiment with new technology outside of the work we did as part of our Croatia Phone Numbers List typical sprint cadence. Initially, this resulted in a few hours here and there to explore emerging technologies and build cool projects that were interesting, but maybe didn't bring direct value to anyone. Over the past year or so, we've formalized this into something we call DevDayz, a series of skill-building Fridays that take place every two weeks after our sprint ends. A few days before each DevDayz, our engineering and R&D teams get together to plan what we want to build.

See open positions at 3Play Media Past projects we have built-in order to register, we had to make sure that the projects we were working on would bring some direct value to 3Play. Additionally, other criteria for the projects included allowing our developers to learn a new technology or skill, and making sure it was a project people wanted to work on. Slack integrations1. Bathroom Robot: We built a Slack controller and built in a light sensing Arduino to detect if any of the gender-neutral bathrooms were occupied. We found that a lot of people were going up to check and wait for the toilet which was both long and inconvenient.

This Slack integration helped us learn hardware development and was also our first Slack bot!Slack bathroom bot integration2. Keg Bot: When our beer, kombucha, or cold brew kegs are out, this Slack bot sends emails so we know how to rearrange and keep the kegs replenished. Integration of Slack with the Keino bot of Operation Keino 3. Playlist Generator Spotify: as part of our business integration process, each employee must submit his favorite songs to the playlist of our company .

We've built a Slack integration and channel to allow employees to collaboratively add songs to the 3Playlist, which we organize and play on corporate outings.3Playlist - The Spotify playlist from the 3Play company Internal company projects1. 3Play Electronic Signature Creator: To make our emails more consistent, we've created an electronic signature creator that generates a consistent (and accessible) electronic signature that a 3Play employee can copy to their email client.
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